A welcome message from Jack Price, Vice Principal.


Please watch the short videos in this section. They'll get you up to speed with logging in to the College website, using apps and completing simple processes including saving files to your OneDrive. Downloadable step-by-step guides are available for most of the videos - look for the links!

Learning and working from home

This short video is packed with info about the devices we recommend, how to get the best out of your online sessions and making sure you're Ready, Respectful and Safe. Please speak with your tutor for more help getting set up.

Please take a few minutes to view this essential information to help you stay safe online. For more information please see this e-safety online document.

Logging in and working with apps

Here's how to get logged in and where you can find your apps.

PDF VERSION: Log in and find your apps (2022)

Short on time? Give us just one minute and we'll show you where you can find Teams, Outlook, Word and all your other apps!

PDF VERSION: Where are my apps? (2022)

Here we overview Office 365 and walk you through how to create a new file, edit it and save it to your OneDrive.

PDF VERSION: Working with office (2022)

You need to get organised! Watch this video to see how to create folders in your OneDrive and move files between them.

PDF VERSION: Managing files in OneDrive (2022)

If you're using Windows on a laptop or desktop computer, you can make it easier to use. This overview includes making text and icons bigger, changing the mouse pointer and using voice narration.

including links to Android and Apple resources: Making Windows 10 easier to use (2022)

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used for online classes to interact with your tutor and other students. This video tours the Teams interface and introduces channels, chat and tabs.

Teams is used to deliver most online teaching. Here's how to participate in a live Teams session.

Help & Support

If you need help and support, please ask. We are here to help you!


Please speak to your tutor first. They need to know if you have an issue and may know the answer to your problem.

If you have a problem with your account, for example, you have forgotten your password, or you are locked out of your account etc., you can contact the IT Help Desk and ask for their help to resolve your issue. You are able to set up account recovery for your account yourself, please see this guide: Account Recovery and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) guide

If you have a problem with your device or access, for example, you have problems with Teams, or you have a problem using your device to access your learning, etc. you can ask your tutor for help, or contact digital.learning@abingdon-witney.ac.uk and ask for their support to resolve your issue.

It is always helpful to give as much information as possible. For example, don’t just say you have a problem with Teams - What IS the problem? What device are you using? Is your device up to date? Are you using the desktop app or the web app? What browser are you using? Etc. Digital Learning will always do their best to help you, but the more information you can give helps us to solve your problem more quickly.


For help with your default login details and changing your password please see this guide: Password guide


Select the SSW network in your wi-fi settings.

The username is the first part of your college email address e.g. j.bloggs

The password is awcradar

You will need to ensure you have completed the Sophos security validation, in order to be able to use the wi-fi once connected to it, please see this guide: Connecting to the College Wi-Fi Guide

This access resets overnight, so you'll need to do this at the start of each day you want to use the College wi-fi.


You will only need to view this section if you'll be working with ProPortal. If you haven't heard of it you don't need to worry about this section!

This video introduces ProPortal, where you can find details of your assessments and SMART targets. Please view this video full-screen.

This video introduces SMART targets, how to set them and work with them. Please view this video full-screen.

Download this self assessment chart which accompanies the video.