Student Voice First is in place to encourage students to share their views and opinions about the college experience.

We believe that students should be at the heart of everything we do.

We want to empower every student to speak out and share ideas, because every student’s voice should be heard.

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Keen to get involved?

To support every student to have a voice, we are also offering students key lead roles, empowering them to influence college decisions in curriculum and business.

This new system gives those involved the opportunity to develop their soft employability skills and add something amazing to their CV. We will be running a mentor system to ensure that all of those in lead roles get the support they need to carry out their responsibilities successfully.

    Students must have been in college a full year before they can apply for a Lead role as this will have given them the opportunity to experience college life, allowing them to make better informed decisions in a Lead role.

    These lead roles are just the beginning we hope to introduce more as we develop Student Voice First.

    To be considered for one of the above Lead roles, please fill out the expression of interest form and return it.

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    Meet your Student Voice Coordinator

    Hi, I'm Cheryl Jones, your Student Voice Coordinator.

    Having started working in a nursery after school aged 15, I have been in the childcare and education industry now for 31 years.

    I am very passionate about students having a platform to have their voice heard and truly believe that students are the golden thread that runs through everything we do here at AWC.

    If you would like to get involved with Student Voice First, please get in touch.

    You can find me at the Abingdon campus, opposite Eat@OX14 in Room D017.

    01235 216 377

    Microsoft Teams: Cheryl Jones