It's Coming Home!! (At least to Abingdon & Witney College)

8th Jul 2021

If the Euros have given you a passion to play football, then we have some excellent news for you. We have recently launched a Football Academy in partnership with Oxfordshire Football Development (OFD)

From September 2021, all of our level 2 and level 3 Sports students will get at least 10 hours of football coaching per week as part of their study programmes. This will take place at Abingdon United Football club where students will also have the opportunity to take part in league matches.

To find out more about our level 2 and 3 sport programmes, visit here

OFD have played a key role in developing young people from all walks of life by providing a pathway for progress. Over their 15 years of existence, many of their former students are now in professional roles within the football industry. Visit them here