School Blended Offer Photography

Course code: PLWP200P

Subject area: Sixth Form Blended Offer

Study level: School Leaver

Course level: 3

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2:15pm - 5:15pm

Tuesday & Thursday

16th Sep 2019 - 3rd Jul 2020

Witney Campus

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01993 703464

You will learn both traditional and cutting-edge techniques and explore a wide variety of different genres within photography including fashion, portraiture, advertising, experimental, location, fine art and documentary. You will also develop your contextual knowledge by exploring a wide range of contemporary and historical photographers, informing your own work. This is an art and design qualification but you will achieve it via the Photography combined pathway.

This course can only be taken in conjunction with 2 A level choices at the following schools:

• Henry Box
• Wood Green

UAL Awarding Body’s Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design (Photography) is characterised by experiential, experimental and integrated learning. The structure of the qualification allows you to combine newly acquired practical skills with theoretical knowledge and understanding as you explore your strengths and ambition. The course is very ‘holistic’ meaning that the areas of learning combine to improve your work overall. This reflects how you work in the photography industry too; in a project-based way.

Year 1: Units 1–4 are linked together to provide you with a sound introduction to the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to explore, enhance and sustain your creative development and determine a good standard from which can develop. You will be given a broad introduction to photographic processes and techniques that will help you find your strengths and also develop an understanding of the interlinked nature of the art, design and photography industries. Unit 9 is designed to develop your understanding of the range of educational and career opportunities within art and design and comes at the end of year one to support your progression planning as you head into year 2.

Year 2: Units 5–7 will require you to apply your newly acquired skills, knowledge and understanding through a series of more complex and demanding assignments in two and three dimensions and through time-based formats.

Unit 8 is the final unit in the two-year qualification and will provide you with an opportunity for self-directed learning in the development of a substantial photography project, proposed and led by you. This is the unit that will dictate your final grade, therefore, it is important it comes last and is a well-developed and personalised project that develops your skills and interests.

Year 1:

Unit 1. Introduction to visual language in art and design (photography)
Unit 2. Introduction to research skills in art and design (photography)
Unit 3. Introduction to critical and contextual awareness in art and design (photography)
Unit 4. Introduction to materials, processes and technical skills in art and design (photography)
Unit 9. Opportunities for progression in art and design (photography)

Year 2:

Unit 5. An integrated approach to 2D problem solving in art and design (photography)
Unit 6. An integrated approach to 3D problem solving in art and design (photography)
Unit 7. An integrated apAn integrated approach to time-based (eg. moving image/animation) problem solving (photography)
Unit 8 Developing an art and design (photography) project
The Level 3 Diploma in Photography is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to access and progress to degree level study or employment in the art and design.

By the end of this course, as well as the qualification you will have developed an extensive portfolio of professional work, which will help you be ready for your next step, whether it be university or employment in the photography industry.

You can combine the UCAS tariff points gained on this course with other A levels to access a broader range of degree courses; the UAL course is highly reputable and well recognised by both universities and employers.
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UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design (Photography)