Plumbing Skills - Intermediate

Course code: MPWR104P

Subject area: Construction

Study level: Part Time

Course level: E

Course details

6:00pm - 9:00pm


14th Jan 2020 - 3rd Mar 2020

Witney Campus

Contact details

01235 555 585

This course is designed for those who have completed the introduction course or those who have basic plumbing skills.The next step enhances your skills and will enable some to attempt basic home maintenance tasks.

Learn about all aspects of pipework to include soldering, plastic pipe and fittings, compression fittings and flexi-hoses.
Complete basic pipe bending.
Learn about the components of a bathroom suite - legs on the bath and level, taps, waste contents of toilet cistern.
Know how to complete maintenance work to faulty taps, faulty toilets, damaged pipes, etc.
Understand domestic plumbing systems including drainage systems.
Understand fittings, traps, waste products, etc. and their suitable uses, terminology and jargon used.

None, but you must wear steel toe capped footwear in the workshop.
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