Life Drawing - mixed ability - Summer

Course code: QPAR112P

Subject area: Art & Design

Study level: Part Time

Course level: E

Course details

2:00pm - 4:00pm


23rd Apr 2020 - 9th Jul 2020

Abingdon Campus

Contact details

01235 555 585

A course that teaches learners to “See”. You will examine several drawing techniques, from basic construction to bold tonal work, to experimental mark making. You will also look at ways of using simple anatomy to assist in understanding the underlying form.

1. Measuring techniques: plumb lines and triangulation
2. Measuring techniques part two: scaling up.
3. Introduction to tonality: breaking down to three tones
4. Expressive mark making with charcoal.
5. Contrapposto: how is weight supported and distributed in standing poses
6. Architecture of the torso: shape of ribcage and pelvis and how they interact.
7. Hands and feet: a look at the structure of hands and feet and how to construct them.
8. Angle exercise: using a ruler break down every form into a series of straight lines and relate all forms in terms of angle.
9. Block tonal exercise: using measuring exercise from previous week, reduce planes and forms to simplified blocks of light and shade.
10. Recap on leaning throughout term

Please note there will be no teaching sessions on 28/05/2020

• Further mixed ability classes - (it is an inexhaustible subject, unless you are /Michelangelo!)
• Self-directed learning
• Foundation course
• Possibly move onto acrylics, oils or watercolour.
Open to all levels
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Entry Level 3 - Award in Creative Craft

By attending, using and combining materials safely to create an outcome, you will achieve a NCFE Creative Craft qualification at the end of this course.

This qualification will introduce learners to craft and design materials and allow them to combine materials to create an art or craft item whilst working safely and using appropriate personal, protective equipment.