Digital Skills for Life - Introduction

Course code: WCAR800P

Subject area: Digital Technologies

Study level: Part Time

Course level: E

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12:00pm - 2:00pm


27th Sep 2021 - 6th Dec 2021

Abingdon Campus

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01235 555 585

This new fully-funded course offers adults the opportunity to develop their digital skills with the Essential Digital Skills qualification. It has been developed to support learners obtaining digital skills within a life-related context. Learners will be assessed in line with the national standards for Essential Digital Skills that cover five skills areas:

1 Using devices and handling information: This skills area covers a basic understanding of hardware, software, operating systems and commonly used applications. Students will develop fundamental digital skills by learning how to manage and store information, and identify and solve simple technical issues.
2 Creating and editing: Students will first learn to create and edit documents before moving on to creating and editing other types of digital media, such as images, audio files and videos. Eventually, students will be taught to use applications to edit, enhance and format different types of information for a range of purposes and audiences.
3 Communicating: The communication skills area requires students to demonstrate an understanding of electronic communications, such as email and video calls. Students will gain awareness and be able to use digital communication for a range of contexts and audiences
4 Transacting: This skills area involves the ability to complete and submit an online form, comply with digital verification checks, and purchase an item or service online. Eventually, students will learn to compare products against other available online options and manage their transactional account settings.
5 Being safe and responsible online: The final skills area is to understand the importance of digital wellbeing, students will learn about being responsible online. This will involve privacy and data protection, conducting best practice online behaviour, backing up data, and understanding the psychological health risks of online activity.

This is the first of three Digital Skills courses and each course will offer the opportunity to gain confidence and develop these essential skills. It is a ten-week course designed for people with no basic digital skills in the following five areas:
1. Managing information
2. Problem solving
3. Communicating
4. Creating
5. Transacting

Please note there will be no teaching on the 25/10/2021

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The course will support learners to gain confidence to use digital skills and/or devices for personal and leisure purposes. It will enable them to use these digital skills and/or devices to communicate and share information with family and friends.
It will help adults overcome barriers that can exist due to a lack of digital skills, such as missing out on significant savings that may be available through online transactions for example.