City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants

Course code: EPCN201P

Subject area: Animal Care & Management

Study level: Part Time

Course level: 2

Course details

9:00am - 4:00pm


11th Feb 2022 - 8th Jul 2022

Common Leys Farm

Contact details

01235 555 585

This level 2 course is an excellent introduction to the art and skills required to become a professional dog groomer.
You will work with a variety of dogs in our well-equipped dog grooming parlour, learning to correctly and safely restrain and handle dogs whilst preparing, bathing, combing and carrying out basic trimming. You will experience working with a range of coat types over the 18 week course.
In between your one day a week on campus and to support your practical sessions you will be required to attend 8 evening online theory lessons and complete theory work at home. You will be assessed via practical assessments, written coursework and one on-line test.
You will need to provide your own grooming tunic, and a set of basic grooming equipment.

You will be shown and be able to practice how to; prepare and groom a dog, how to safely control and restrain dogs, bathe and clean a variety of dogs, dry and prepare coats for styling and carry out basic trimming. You will work with a variety of coat types. There are practical assessments, theory tasks and an on-line test.

Modules will include:

• Preparing and grooming dogs prior to bathing
• Bathing of dogs
• Drying dogs and preparing a dog for styling
• Carrying out trimming of a dog’s coat to prepare for styling
• Moving and lifting dogs
• Maintaining the cleanliness and biosecurity of the dog grooming environment
• Professional conduct
• An introduction to anatomical features, breed characteristics and behaviour of dogs
Progress onto the level 3 diploma in dog grooming
There are no formal entry requirements but you must be sufficiently fit to lift and handle large dogs and demonstrate sufficient literacy skills to complete a portfolio of evidence and sit an on-line test.
In addition to the course fees you should expect to spend in the region of £200 on;

• A grooming tunic
• Nail clippers
• A matt splitter
• Bullnose scissors
• Straight scissors
• Thinning scissors
• A pin brush
• A soft slicker brush
• 10F & 7F clipper blades
• A metal combination comb

Please make sure you also have a pair of nonslip shoes and a A4 ring binder.
Bursaries may be available to eligible students.

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently planning any trips as part of your course. If we are able to organise trips during your course, the cost of these will be communicated to you at the time. Trips are optional, and you will not be penalised if you choose not to participate. Bursaries may also available to cover the cost of some trips.

There are bursaries available to help you with other course costs. Call 01235 216 298 for more information.

The rules on fee reduction are complicated and we would encourage you to talk to our Admissions staff on 01235 555 585 to discuss your options. You can find more information on our Fees and Bursaries page - search "Fees and Bursaries" at the top of the page.

16 - 18 Fee

19+ Fee

Tuition Fee: £850.00
Exam Fee: £81.00
Kit / Clothing: £215.00

Total Cost: £1,146.00

19+ Reduced Fee

Tuition Fee: £0.00
Exam Fee: £0.00
Kit / Clothing: £215.00

Total Cost: £215.00

City and Guilds level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants
Practical sessions combined with some underpinning theory. There are a range of practical and written assessments with an on-line test towards the end of the course.
Practical dog grooming skills