Our engineering workshops are where students learn the practical skills that are crucial for all engineering job roles.

Taught exclusively at the Abingdon campus, engineering students have access to three high-quality environments; a huge workshop packed with various lathes and milling machines, an electrical testing workshop, and our recently built Advanced Skills Centre.

The Advanced Skills Centre houses a state-of-the-art Haas five-axis CNC machine, automation and robotics equipment, multiple 3D printers and an engineering PC room with dedicated CAD software installed.

In the workshop, there are plenty of workbenches and other specialist pieces of equipment, including RJH Gryphon grinding pedestals, Brenner turret mills and Newall manafacturing machines. Classrooms next door to the workshops allow for theory to be taught within an engineering context.

Brought together, these facilities provide ample space for students to safely work, link theory and practice and learn the skills they need to start a successful career in engineering.