Started in Sixth Form but unsure if it's the right choice? It's not too late to join us! Just pop in and see us on Wednesday afternoon or call us on 01235 216 400 and we can talk you through how we can help.

Sociable and practical lab environments for effective STEM teaching.

To educate students in the different disciplines of science, our laboratories are kitted out with all the equipment and supplies they need to carry out important research and practical experiments.

We teach a range of scientific techniques, from dissections and microbiology studies to testing elemental reactions.

Our students have ample space to use what they need to gain new practical skills, such as magnifiers and binocular and trinocular microscopes, distillation glassware, microplate readers and lots more.

These high-tech facilities, together with expert teachers, inspire ideas and launch careers in biology, animal science, chemistry and mathematics.