The College's senior managers and leaders are drawn from across the teaching faculties and business support areas. Together, they manage the business for the benefit of our students and stakeholders.

Here, you can meet the team and find out more about their background and their role at the College.

Senior Management Team

College Leadership Team

Nikkie Almond
Head of Student Engagement

Iain Bilton
Head of Access to Learning

Mark Breedon
Head of Digital Learning

Helen Brown
Head of Study Programmes & T Levels

Mark Byerley
Head of Faculty for Technology

Michael Chiyasa
Head of Estates & Capital Development

Edward Collett
Head of Business Development & Marketing

Siân Cound
Head of Faculty for Service Industries

Elizabeth Frost
Head of Campus Experience

Kelly Haddrell
Head of HR

Angela Hayles
Head of Faculty for The Oxfordshire Business & Enterprise School

Hannah James
Head of Faculty for The Oxfordshire Creative Academy

Heidi Jordison
Head of Community Learning

Steve Kirk
Head of Work Based Learning

Rebecca Philbrook
Head of Higher Education

Lee Reszeter
Head of IT Services & Resources

John Revis
Head of Occupational Safety & Health

Lynn Turner
Head of the College Information Team

Pam Willsher
Head of Faculty for Land-based Industries & Construction Trades

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