I'm in the third year of my college studies and having done a range of courses here, I understand the different challenges that students on different levels and courses will face.

I've got experience as a Student Rep from my course last year on Public Services and Sports, as well as being the current Student Rep for Backstage Production. The year before last I did a course on Hospitality and Catering at City of Oxford College.

I believe in making a real impact for the benefit of students at the College, and I strive to ensure that my fellow students remember their time here as a good experience. I want all students to feel safe and respected on the campus as well as enjoy their time here and to be able to take something away from their respective courses.

As a student governor, any issues a student may have, I give it my all to help find a solution or at least find a compromise for their problem or query. I’m committed and motivated and I bring a positive attitude in my day-to-day life and work, in and out of college, so I aim to carry that same energy in this role.

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