Student’s sticker design for charity wins competition

    Against Breast Cancer have announced that Abingdon & Witney College student Debs Hanstock is the winner of their 2018 sticker competition.

    Suggestions for a new, eye-catching and engaging sticker were submitted by Art and Design students at the College earlier this year.

    The winning entry was chosen by CBBC presenter Lauren Layfield and CBBC actor Megan Hughes. Both judges agreed that the striking image of a young woman rolling up her sleeves by first year Level 3 student Debs Hanstock was the standout entry.

    Presenter and journalist Lauren, who also hosts a show on Capital FM, said about Debs’ design: “Not only is it an amazing drawing, I thought the message it sends is so powerful. It reminds us that cancer can affect us all, young or old, and I thought the way the ribbon is used is so clever – and maybe could one day could be made into a hair accessory that could be sold to women everywhere to raise money to fight cancer. Amazing job!”

    Megan, who is currently appearing as Maud Spellbody in The Worst Witch, agreed: “This design really represents Breast Cancer awareness. It’s relevant, colourful, and it tells a story.”

    Against Breast Cancer will use the stickers to raise awareness, and to thank people who donate to the cause.

    (October 2018)

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