Level Information

Level Entry Requirements Types of Qualifications at this level This qualification is equivalent to What's the next step?
Pre-Entry / Entry Level Mostly GCSE grade Fs or below or grade 1 or 2 Entry Level Awards,
Certificates and Diplomas
Life and Work skills Possible further studies, work experience or supported employment
Level 1 Mostly GCSE grade Es and Ds or grade 3 or above L1 Awards,
Certificates and Diplomas
GCSEs grades 3-1 (D-G) Possibly move onto a L2 qualification, employment or an Apprenticeship
Level 2 4 or more Ds or grade 3s including GCSE English and Maths L2 Certificate,
L2 Extended Certificates,
L2 Diplomas,
Intermediate Apprenticeships
GCSEs grades 9-4 (A*-C) Possible progression onto a L3 qualification, employment or Apprenticeship
Level 3 5 or more Cs, grade 4s or Level 2 at Merit including GCSE English or Maths at grade 4 A Levels (Blended Offer),
L3 Certificates,
L3 Diplomas and Extended Diplomas,
Access to HE,
Advanced Apprenticeships
A Levels Possible progress into higher education, either at College or at university. Alternatively, move into employment or a Higher Apprenticeship
Level 4 and above A Levels or Level 3 equivalent Bachelor's Degrees,
Foundation Degrees,
Higher National Certificates/Diplomas,
Professional qualifications,
Higher Apprenticeships
Intermediate / Higher Education Continue onto a Degree, skilled employment or higher professional qualifications