Combined Pathway

Combined Pathway

Collaboration with schools

There has never been a better time to gain a career-focused vocational qualification alongside your traditional A levels.

By working closely with a number of schools across West Oxfordshire, Abingdon & Witney College have opened up a wide range vocational courses from different industries, providing students with the opportunity to learn unique practical skills without having to leave school entirely.

The following schools are now offering the Combined Pathway programme:

West Oxfordshire

Henry Box
Wood Green
Chipping Norton


John Mason

So why study A levels and vocational courses together?

This combination of A levels and Level 3 vocational courses may be a fairly new progression route, but it is quickly growing in popularity due to the flexibility and choice it offers. The vocational courses enable students to learn in a more practical environment, where there are fewer exams to sit and coursework is used to gauge a student’s progression and success. This assessment method may suit some students better than exam-based assessments. However, both students and parents can be assured that the vocational qualifications are the equivalent in UCAS points to A levels for those intending to progress to a university course.

What vocational courses can I study on the Combined Pathway programme?

This depends on your school – please check the school list on the relevant course page below for more information:

Applied Science (Abingdon)

Applied Science (Witney)

Art & Design




Health & Social Care (Abingdon)

Health & Social Care (Witney)


Music Technology

Sport (Abingdon)

Sport (Witney)

Travel & Tourism