Looking to start College a little later than usual?

The Gateway Centres at Abingdon & Witney College are places where we listen to what you’ve got to say, find out what you want out of life and then help you work out a route to get there.

These inclusive environments offer supportive and progressive student-led programmes for 16-18 year-olds who are not currently in education, employment or training. Everyone has their own reasons; it may be due to missing work or school because of caring responsibilities, illness, a lack of confidence, or possibly not having found your direction since leaving school or during A Levels.

This is where Gateway can make the world of difference. On our programmes, which you can start and finish at any time, you can get full support in a number of areas:

  • getting a job – part- or full-time
  • getting a job that also offers training
  • getting a place on a full-time course
  • getting supported employment
  • getting an apprenticeship

The best thing is, you can come in to the programme at any point, from Entry Level up to Level 3 (A Level). We will create a personalised learning programme that suits you and may include: coaching and mentoring, confidence and team building, work experience, help with GCSEs, tutorial/personal and social development, functional skills, vocational taster placements, trips, and developing interview and work skills.

If you are interested and wish to apply for a place, or just to find out more information, then please contact the college on 01993 703464 (Witney) or 01235 555 585 (Abingdon) or email