Looking to start College a little later than usual?

The Gateway Centres at Abingdon & Witney College are places where we listen to what you’ve got to say, find out what you want out of life and then help you work out a route to get there.

These inclusive environments offer supportive and progressive student-led programmes for 16-18 year olds who are not currently in education, employment or training. Everyone has their own reasons; it may be due to missing work or school because of phobias, caring responsibilities, illness, a lack of confidence, or possibly not having found your direction since leaving school or during A Levels.

This is where Gateway can make the world of difference. On our programmes, which you can start and finish at any time, you can get full support in a number of areas:

  • getting a job – part- or full-time
  • getting a job that also offers training
  • getting a place on a full-time course
  • getting supported employment
  • getting an apprenticeship

The best thing is, you can come in to the programme at any point, from Entry Level up to Level 3 (A Level). We will create a personalised learning programme that suits you and may include: coaching and mentoring, confidence and team building, volunteering and work experience, cross-college GCSEs, tutorial/personal & social development, functional skills, vocational taster placements, trips, activities and crafts, and developing interview and work skills.

HL DW, Hannah Large, Sophie Sheppard and Noah Wheatly edit


In January 2017, Danny Whitehouse, team leader at The Phoenix Trust, delivered a workshop for our Gateway students on “Hidden Leadership”. This was designed around the idea that leadership can be found in everyday life, building confidence, communication and teamwork skills. Danny was impressed with the reaction to the workshop:

““I met some really inspiring young people today, with insightful and receptive opinions. It was obvious that the Gateway programme is a very supportive and unique environment for young people.”

You can read a full article on the workshop here.

If you are interested and wish to apply for a place, or just to find out more information, then please contact the college on 01993 703464 (Witney) or 01235 555 585 (Abingdon) or email