Course Information

Digital DSLR Photography - Stage 2 (The Cooper School)


Subject area: Photography

Course Type: Part Time

Course Overview

A 10 week digital photograph course following on from Stage 1; enabling you to further understand your DSLR or bridge cameras, looking at additional camera features and equipment that would enhance your photography skills.

Course Content

Explore what equipment to use to enhance your photography, the use of lighting techniques, e.g. painting with light, evaluation of own photos, genres such as night, still life, documentary and landscape. Experiment with your camera’s functions, such as on camera flash and manual mode; to look at available equipment; to explore several genres through discussing other photographers work; and to build up your skills and confidence. Discover the best lenses and filters for individual situations. Practice and develop your confidence in using the camera in manual mode. Explore the rules of composition and how they relate to the new genres taught (such as night, still life, documentary, landscape). Explore the use of lighting techniques by using on camera flash e.g. painting with light. Evaluate your own photos drawing on the knowledge of the techniques taught over the course. You will need a digital SLR or Bridge camera. Please note, this course is not suitable for compact cameras. Abingdon and Witney College is subject to Ofsted visits and have a responsibility to ensure we meet/exceed their requirements. As a result of this you will find you will be expected to understand the government initiatives around Safeguarding, Prevent and Fundamental British Values as well as complete quality monitoring paperwork as part of the course.
Please note that there will be no class on 19/02/2019.

Entry Requirements

The course is intended for anyone who has completed the Stage 1 course, or equivalent, or for those who have a sound understanding of aperture, shutter and ISO and are using their cameras off auto.

Enrolment numbers to our courses are reviewed regularly. To avoid disappointment it is advised to enrol early. Course viability decisions are made two weeks prior to the course start date. Any course changes are communicated via email so please ensure you check your email accounts running up to the course start date.

On the first week of the course you will be required to bring along one form of identification. This could be a passport, driving licence, debit/credit card, Birth Certificate or National Insurance card.

Please Note: Students should be 19 years old or over at 31st August 2018.

Learning Methods & Assessment

Presentation, demonstration, practical work, working in pairs and small groups, discussion and question & answer sessions. Your tutor will ask you to complete informal assessment exercises and give you informal feedback. If you are to gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your class, it will be useful to spend some time working between sessions. There will usually be a small amount of homework set each week. When homework is not set, it is still a good idea to spend about that amount of time going over what has been done in class.

What Qualification Will I Receive?

This is not an accredited course, there is no formal qualification

Where Next?

You will be able to progress to the DSLR stage 3 course.

Fee Information

Trips and visits may be offered as part of your programme of study but these will be optional and fees will be collected throughout the duration of the course. Details of cost will be provided during the enrolment process if not already above.

There are bursaries available to help you with other course cost, call 01235 216 298 for more information.

The 19+ full fee button displays the full fee that may apply, the rules on fee reduction are complicated and we would encourage you to talk to our Admissions staff on 01235 555 585 to discuss your options. Also see the Course Fees & Finance page under the Info Centre link at the top of the screen.

  • Adult full fee

Course Details

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Days: Tuesday

Date: 22 Jan 2019 - 02 Apr 2019

Location: Cooper School Bicester

Contact Details

Abingdon Campus: 01235 555 585

Witney Campus: 01993 703464
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