Animal Care

The animal care facilities at Common Leys Farm are unrivalled in professional and industry standards, with specialist indoor and outdoor units housing a dog grooming parlour, canine hydrotherapy centre, cattery, specialist reptile, rodent and aquatic rooms plus a huge variety of other enclosures filled with species such as meerkats, alpacas and much more.

Practical animal care experience

From practical animal care husbandry, introductions into animal science, behaviour and health, to looking after the large range of animals we have on site, from small animals and exotics, to large animals such as sheep, cattle, and goats, your preparation for the world of working with animals is our top priority.

Level 1 is the initial step towards developing the knowledge and skills required to work in the animal industry, covering the basic aspects of animal care with a mixture of practical and theoretical classes.

Level 2 lets you explore areas such as animal health and welfare, accommodation, feeding and many more whilst getting practical with great work based experience, essential for work in the animal industry or to take forward into Level 3 training.

Level 3 Dream of higher education, or a great management career in the animal sector? Level 3 will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to help you succeed. You will explore scientific aspects of animal care as well as routine husbandry, care and business management and undertake great work placements that will test and develop your management skills.

But why stop there? Take your next step into a great future with a Foundation Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the College in partnership with Oxford Brookes University.

Courses in Animal Care